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Exploring Alternative Options for Home Loans in Brisbane, Made Easy

When you want to escape the rental market and start developing equity on your own, securing home loans in Queenslandis often the first step on the road to purchasing the property that you want. What if you cannot qualify through an application to your bank? At Direct Credit Home Loans Australia, we offer our services as an independent lender to help those who cannot get a “yes” from a bank, including the self-employed.

What Do You Need to Know About Our Variable Loans in Brisbane?

We offer several types of loans for our clients, including loans with variable interest rates. In these scenarios, rates may change over the life of the loan, but you gain some important advantages you may wish to take into consideration. Benefits include:

  • Making as many repayments as you want above and beyond your required monthly repayments. Reduce your interest payments and work towards a faster pay-off by making as many payments as you want, as often as you prefer.
  • Redrawing from the loan when you need unexpected access to funds. Ahead on your payments and encountering a need for additional funds? Redraws are fast and easy with few complications standing in your way.
  • Multiple ways to make repayments on your loan, with no unnecessary fees tacked on to a variety of services. We prefer a lean, streamlined service that makes it easy to take the actions you want.

We Provide a Range of Home Loans for Brisbane Residents

We can assist our clients with more than variable rate loans; we work hard to ensure that our services offer the flexibility you need for many kinds of scenarios. Our other services include:

  • Fixed-rate loans for those who prefer to lock in a rate right now with the option to make a change in the future. There are several advantages to using a fixed-rate loan that our team can help you understand.
  • “Low doc” home loans for the self-employed for when document requirements from traditional banks are too onerous to meet. A statement from your accountant, among other documentation options, can help start you on the path to obtaining the funds you need.
  • Home construction loans to help finance a project to make your dream home into a reality. Already own a home and want to renovate or make other improvements? We know that the renovation process can come with a big price tag, and banks might not see the full value in your plans. We do.

No matter the type of loan you require, when the bank says “no,” DCHLA gives you a better chance to hear “yes.”

About Direct Credit Home Loans Australia

Serving Australia for 20 years and counting, DCHLA is based in Brisbane but offers services to clients across the nation. For the self-employed and those who fall outside of traditional financial means, we provide a simple way to access non-bank loans for homes, cars, and much more. To find out how we can help you work towards purchasing a home without a bank behind you, please contact us for a consultation today.

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