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Low-Doc Home Loans in Brisbane Explained

If you’re unable to obtain financing from the high-street banks due to having a poor credit history, you may be able to secure low-doc home loans in Brisbane from a non-bank lender. Keep reading below to learn more about this form of borrowing, and why we’re a company you can trust.

What Are Low-Doc Home Loans in Brisbane?

Here are two things you need to know about our low-doc loans:

  • We don’t require extensive documentation to grant funding: As the name of the loan suggests, you don’t need to provide us with as many documents as you would have to give the banks to obtain financing. We find this is very beneficial for self employed individuals.
  • Low-doc loans are ideal for self-employed individuals: A lack of documentation such as group certificates and payslips often makes bank loans impossible to obtain for self-employed people, which is where we come in useful.

Why You Can Trust Direct Credit Home Loans for Low-Doc Home Loans in Brisbane

We pride ourselves in being a responsible lender. We never trick customers into taking out loans they can’t afford for our benefit. We’re a highly recommended non-bank lender because:

  • We attempt to make our services as straightforward as possible: You can apply online for a loan within minutes and often receive approval in under 24 hours. There’s no need to print any documents.
  • We don’t use computer algorithms: Unlike banks, we use dedicated human finance consultants to tailor a solution that meets your requirements, which is why we can often approve financing in cases where the banks refuse.

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