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Find Financing Suited to Your Needs with Low Doc Loans in Brisbane

For many home buyers, and others looking to secure home financing, the answer is low doc loans in Brisbane. These loans consider your unique situation and desire, rather than relying on computer measurements and automated systems. Let our staff consider what you’re looking for and offer you a solution that suits your needs.

Problems a Low Doc Loan in Brisbane Addresses

Our direct credit loan services provide helpful solutions for various problems, including:

  • Self-Employment – If most of your income is from freelancing, consulting or other forms of self-employment, banks often refuse to consider that income for up to two years. As a result, many people with reliable incomes may be refused loans or offered loans that are substantially smaller than their needs. With DCHLA loans, we don’t have as strict a requirement and will consider your genuine income to offer you a responsible loan on terms that suit your needs.
  • Credit Issues – A temporary situation years in the past can wreak financial havoc for a long time, depending on its severity. Nevertheless, many people who experience temporary hardships recover from them well and are restored to a situation of financial well-being before their credit adjusts to account for this. This becomes a problem when seeking a traditional bank loan, but our direct credit loans can avoid this hurdle by considering your current and future financial situation without punishing you for a past issue that’s no longer relevant.

Related Services We Provide to Low Doc Home Loans in Brisbane

Beyond low doc loans, we also offer financing in several other situations:

  • We offer secured vehicle and equipment loans at competitive rates for both businesses and individuals.
  • Home construction loans also account for the costs associated with building a new home.

Whatever your needs, DCHLA has a loan suited for you.

About the Staff at Direct Credit Home Loans Australia

We are loan managers who understand what it’s like to be a working Australian seeking to buy a home and build equity. Our team is particularly sensitive to the difficulties that self-employed contractors face, especially when it comes to lending terms. Our team is dedicated and acts with the knowledge that each client has a lifetime of experience and history that can’t be boiled down to an arbitrary number and a computer algorithm. Contact us to seek a quote for your home loan today.

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