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Professional Car Loan Lenders that Tailor Finance to Suit You

Our professional and experienced car loan lenders will help you find the best finance option available. Whether you require a vehicle for your business or personal use, we will help you obtain a loan at competitive rates.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Car Loan Lenders

These tips are helpful to consider when you approach us for a car loan.

  • Have an idea of how much you want to spend on a car. An ideal guideline would be to ensure your repayments are no more than 20% of your total disposable income.
  • Look for competitive interest rates and have a deposit for your car. This deposit means you will borrow less on finance and pay it off faster.

What Sets DCHLA Apart As Loan Lenders

We take an individual approach to our clients and find the finance that best suits their circumstances.

  • We have low overheads which ensure to keep your interest figure at a competitive rate.
  • Our company has been in the lending industry for more than 20 years giving us an exceptional experience of what the Australian public needs.
  • You can seek more flexibility with your loan as we control every aspect.

A car loan is available with us regardless of whether you have minimal documentation or full doc.

Why Trust Us As Your Car Loan Lender

We are an experienced team of lenders who understand the challenges that can arise with borrowing finance. We ensure to solve these problems and help you receive a tailored loan. Contact us today to discuss the next step for getting a car.

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