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Find Home Loan Repayment Options to Suit Your Needs

Banks typically offer only one option for loan payments, but we offer options on your home loan repayments that benefit you where you need it most. Direct Credit Home Loans Australiagives you options the banks don’t. We believe everyone should have options and we are here to provide them.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Home Loans in Australia

Finding the perfect home comes with many obstacles, the first of which is your financial ability.

  • Try to stay within your budget. Spending too much on your monthly payments affects other aspects of your life, from replacing an older vehicle to saving for retirement and even buying furniture to decorate your new home.
  • Failing to factor maintenance costs into your overall budget. All homes require maintenance, and buying an older home often comes with extra, unexpected maintenance issues that you might not have the money for if you commit too much to the mortgage.
  • Signing with the first bank or mortgage company that accepts you, without checking competing interest rates, can cost you more money monthly- eating into your already tight budget.

We work with you to ensure that you don’t end up house rich and cash poor – you still want money left over every month to enjoy life, both in and out of your new home.

Related Services We Provide for Home Loan Repayments


  • We offer three different repayment options: principal and interest payments up to 30 years, interest only for 1 to 5 years, and interest only for investment loans up to 10 years.
  • Banks look at your credit history and base their decision solely on that information. While we consider your credit history, we listen to your explanations and evaluate your current financial situation to make a determination.
  • If you are planning on building a new home, we offer home construction loans in Australia so you can build the home of your dreams.

About Direct Credit Home Loans Australia

We have been operating in Brisbane since 1999 and provide loans throughout Australia. We are a specialist non-bank home and commercial loan provider which employs common sense lending solutions, whether you work for a large company or are self-employed. We accept alternative forms of income verifications and provide solutions for the credit impaired. Decisions are made by real people, not computers, so you receive a balanced evaluation regarding your application.

Applying for a home loan can be a daunting affair when dealing with banks. Our service puts you at ease and doesn’t leave you feeling defensive when explaining past debts. Our low doc options allow entrepreneurs the ability to secure a home without volumes of financial records. Our experienced staff are awaiting your call, so pick up the phone and see how we can help you

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