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Banks Aren’t Your Only Option for Loans in Brisbane

Running a business on your own can be a big challenge, especially when you struggle to secure loans from Brisbane banks. Though self-employed business owners are often the unsung heroes of local economies, the big lenders continue to grow more selective and less likely to grant access to the funds that you need for growth. At Direct Credit Home Loans Australia, a non-bank lender, we open the doors to a fresh infusion of cash for your business.

How You Can Prepare for Tomorrow with Commercial Loans in Brisbane

Understanding that the loan application process with a bank is often stressful, we use a simpler approach for approving loans for our clients. To ensure a smooth process while working with our team:

  • Review your basic eligibility for one of our loans. While we do not employ the use of credit scoring when making determinations about your loan, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. For example, we can only provide commercial loans to businesses, within major metro areas.
  • Consider speaking with your accountant or someone else qualified to discuss finances to go over loan term, loan amount, and other important details. With support from your existing financial team and ours, understand how the loan will affect your financial planning.
  • Arrange for a confidential discussion of your credit history with one of our friendly and professional associates if your credit record has one or more impairments. We can often work around some blemishes on your record to ensure that you still receive the funds you need.

Our Process for Offering Car Loans to Brisbane Individuals

DCHLA also provides loans for vehicles and equipment. For the individual tradesman looking to improve a mobile service, for example, this option is especially useful. Consider our process.

  • Make your application. Real people, not algorithms, review your application and may discuss in-depth with you any additional information that we require. This process ensures that every application receives the fairest assessment possible.
  • Receive approval and proceed through to the disbursement of your loan amount. Once we’ve determined that we can provide you with a loan, we work quickly to grant you access to the funds.
  • Enjoy easier access to the loan you require with no annual reviews and unlimited opportunities for cash-out refinancing and consolidation in the future. We look forward to working with you over the long term, providing a stress-free way to manage your loan.

With this fast and lean process, there’s no unnecessary hassle or red tape to worry about—just easier access to the funds that you require.

Why Trust Our Team When You Need Loans in Brisbane?

For two decades, DCHLA has been a reliable source of non-bank loans not only in Brisbane but Australia-wide. A responsible lender with thorough procedures, strong interest rates, and the flexibility our partners need, we are no fly-by-night operator. Instead, we take the time to treat you as the person you are—not a series of numbers and papers, but a business owner with real ambitions. To discover how we can help you work towards those aspirations, please get in touch today.

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