Low Doc Home Loans

Low Doc Home and Commercial loans with out the fuss!

Direct Credit offer common sense lending solutions to self-employed Australians. Through simple and tailored products we look to assist this important group of the Australian economy to achieve their ambitions.

Getting finance for a property when one or both of you are self-employed can sometimes be difficult. Many lenders insist on a minimum of two years of full financials before they will lend for a property. At Direct Credit we do not insist on this. If you have an ABN number that you have held for a minimum of 12 months and your accountant can verify your income via a letter, you are on your way! Alternatively you can provide us with your last two quarterly BAS statements (6 months) lodged with the ATO.

Features of our Low Doc Loans

  • Borrow up to 80%
  • Purchases and refinances
  • Debt consolidation including business debts
  • Refinance to payout tax debts
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Commercial low doc available to 70%
  • Construction loans not available
  • No credit scoring and real people are here to make decisions!

Loans are available for refinances  up to 80% LVR. We can also provide unlimited cash out on refinances. All Low-Doc loans are subject to land size and postcode locations within Australia. Commercial funding is also available for shops and offices etc.

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Low Document Home Loans

Explore Low Document Home Loans with Direct Credit

Are you interested in pursuing low document home loans? If you are looking to buy a house but are self-employed—or if your partner is self-employed—you may struggle to get the mortgage financing, you need to move forward with your plans. At Direct Credit, we believe that you shouldn’t be barred from homeownership just because you don’t have the same traditional proof of long-term stable income than other buyers have. We offer common-sense lending solutions for self-employed individuals, including low doc home loans.

Low Doc Home Loan Requirements

Some buyers assume that low doc home loans in Australia are no doc home loans. In truth, there are still requirements that you will need to meet to secure one of these loans—both in terms of documentation and other aspects of your financial history. These requirements include:

  • Age and citizenship/residency: At Direct Credit, you are eligible to apply for a low doc home loan if you are 18 years of age or older and are an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Some proof of income: While self-employed individuals don’t always have the same proofs of revenue as people with traditional full-time jobs, they should still be able to prove that 1) they have been self-employed for at least six months, and 2) they indeed have an income stream. At Direct Credit, we require low doc loan candidates to prove their income in one of two ways. Option one is to prove that you have held an ABN number for at least 12 months with a stable income. Option two is to show at least two quarterly business activity statement (BAS) that you have lodged with the ATO.
  • The ability to pay at least 10 percent of the purchase price: You must be able to make a down payment that is equal to or greater than 10 percent of the property’s purchase price. Direct Credit can finance or refinance home loans up to an 80 percent loan to value ratio (LVR).

To learn more about low doc home loan requirements, visit our page on the subject.

Benefits of Low Document Home Loans

If you’re thinking about exploring low doc home loans in Australia, consider these benefits to decide whether this type of loan is right for you:

  • They open home financing up to more people: Worldwide, the so-called ‘gig economy’ is growing, shifting more of the workforce into the freelance/self-employed realm. Low doc home loans for self-employed individuals are going to be essential for serving this important segment of the workforce.
  • They don’t require a credit check: So many candidates for home loans are locked out just because their credit histories don’t match a pre-determined requirement. At Direct Credit, we don’t do any credit scoring and make our decisions on a case-by-case basis. This model—of careful decisions made by real people—makes a big difference to our customers.

Finally, our loans are easy to apply for a require minimal paperwork—a benefit that anyone can appreciate.

About Direct Credit

Direct Credit has been offering lending solutions to underserved populations, such as the self-employed or the credit impaired. If you have been struggling to get the home financing you deserve, contact us today to learn more about our low document home loans.

Low Doc Loans

Expand Your Financing Options with Low Doc Loans

If you’ve been turned down for a home loan, a business loan, an investment loan or some other type of financing, then it might be time to consider low doc loans. Low doc loans, or low document loans, are loan options that require less documentation—specifically for proof of income—than other types of financing.

Problems Low Doc Loans Solve

If you aren’t sure whether low document loans are the right course for you, consider these common problems or obstacles that low doc financing helps solve:

  • Difficulty in providing proof of income: If you’re a full-time employee somewhere, it isn’t difficult to prove that you have a stable and consistent form of income. Just present proof of income and/or your most recent tax return and you’re good. If you are self-employed, though, it can be more difficult to show proof of consistent income. Low documentation loans give you some extra leeway. They do still require proof of income, but that part of the application process is simpler and requires fewer documents from you.
  • Problems with credit: If you have a poor credit history, then seeking a loan—and choosing Direct Credit over other online loan companies—is a good idea. Direct Credit doesn’t use credit scoring, which opens up our financing and loan options for many people.
  • Getting denied by an algorithm: Are you a loan candidate whose applications are always denied before you ever even speak to a real person? If your application isn’t good on paper—based on credit, income, debt or other factors—it can be almost impossible to secure a loan. At Direct Credit, we have real people making decisions, rather than computer programs. We make sure everyone who applies for a loan with us gets a fair chance.

Steps for Seeking Low Document Loans from Direct Credit

If you are ready to apply for low doc home loans, business loans or low doc investment loans, follow these steps to get started:

  • Assess your eligibility: Are you 18? Are you an Australia citizen or permanent resident? Can you meet Direct Credit’s other eligibility requirements (you can find them here)? If you believe you will be eligible for our low doc financing, feel free to apply.
  • Use Direct Credit’s loan capacity: Qualifying for a loan is one thing. Being able to handle the monthly payments is another. Direct Credit offers several online calculator tools that you can use to determine your borrowing power, your loan repayment terms and more.
  • Submit your application: With Direct Credit, it’s easy to apply for a loan through our website. Alternatively, you can schedule a consultation to apply in person. Either way, we look forward to reviewing your application.

Contact Direct Credit Today

If you have any questions, or if you wish to schedule a consultation with one of our financing professionals, feel free to contact Direct Credit today.

Low Doc Loans Australia

Get the ‘Yes’ You’ve Earned with Low Doc Loans in Australia

Increasing numbers of home buyers are learning about the significant advantages of low doc loans in Australia. Since banks are limited by strict regulations and conservative loan approaches, they are often forced to decline loans to potential buyers who have the fiscal responsibility and income necessary to purchase their first home. Direct Credit Home Loans Australia focuses on providing simple, low doc loans to good buyers who need some help with financing.

Dispelling Misconceptions About Low Doc Loan Requirements

Many people haven’t heard of low doc loans, or if they have, may possess some misconceptions about what’s involved:

  • While there’s no such thing as a ‘no doc loan’, we provide our clients with the minimum possible paperwork to navigate through. Ultimately, bank-based home loans involve a tremendous amount of documentation that is enough to run even the finest minds in exhausting circles. You can avoid that with DCHLA’s direct credit loans.
  • Low doc loans are processed by real people instead of computer algorithms. We’ll take your real-life situation into account when determining eligibility for financing. As a result, we’re more concerned with what your capacity to pay for financing is, rather than the specific number attached to your credit rating.
  • Just like traditional bank loans, low doc loans also factor in the value of the purchase, the amount of the financing needed relative to the property value, and offer the opportunity to refinance down the line when your conditions change.

The Importance of Low Doc Refinance Loans

Several situations highlight the important function that non-bank loans fulfil:

  • Those who are self-employed are held to a higher standard than salaried employees due to a perception of instability. While banks often require two or more years of income history for those who are self-employed, we look at the real situations in which you generate your income. As a result, DCHLA can often qualify buyers who otherwise would receive a flat ‘no’ from a bank.
  • Not everyone has the credit rating to match their actual capacity to pay for home financing. Whether it’s due to minimal credit for a first-time home buyer, or some financial difficulties in the past, banks can be blind to the real creditworthiness of people independent of the number on their credit score.

If either of those situations applies, or you have another concern that impacts your ability to get a home loan, our team would love to speak with you and give you some helpful information.

Why You Should Use Direct Credit Home Loans Australia

Our business is built around providing affordable home loans to those hardworking Australians who need an opportunity to make a home and build equity. Whether you’re looking for simplicity through a low doc loan or believe in the importance of supporting direct credit loans to help your fellow Australians, DCHLA is the smart choice for your financing. Contact us to discuss the qualification process today.

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Steps to your Low Doc Home Loans


Am I eligible for a low doc loan?

You must be self employed & the holder of an ABN number and GST registered (Where applicable) for a minimum of 1 year. You must also be:

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Have at least 20% deposit or equity in an existing property
  • Have last 2 current ATO lodged BAS or an Accountant that will verify your income.
  • All loans real estate secured – vacant land, residential dwelling or commercial.

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