Private funds

If you need short-term finance for any worthwhile purpose, private finds may be a suitable solution.

You might choose private funds because you are unable to get finance from the banks or because you need a quick, minimum-fuss option.

How much can I borrow?

As long as you have an exit strategy in place, we can lend up to 70%* Loan to value ratio, with terms up to 12 months. Best of all we can give you an answer generally the same day and you can settle within 7 days. We will take security with a first or second registered mortgage over your home, investment property or commercial property.

What exit strategies are accepted?

An acceptable exit strategy may be a refinance of your property, a sale of your property or sale of another asset that will clear the debt within the term of the loan

Terms and conditions apply and a valuation may be requested depending on the loan application.

Steps to your Private funds


Am I eligible for a loan?

  • If you have equity in a property and you can clearly demonstrate an exit strategy or serviceability for the loan term, you may qualify.
  • Not currently bankrupt – will consider to payout a bankruptcy in the transaction.
  • Credit scoring does not apply
  • Residential or commercial security required. (Postcode restrictions may apply)
  • Purchases and Refinances OK

How much can I borrow?

Everyone's situation is different. Our specialist finance consultant can tailor a package that suits you for private funds loans. Contact us today to find out more.


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