Credit impaired loans

What if I don't fit the traditional box? Can I take out a home loan?

Not everyone fits that one box the banks need ticked. If you are self-employed and have limited financials or even have a challenging credit history, with our help you could still buy that property.

At Direct Credit, we don’t use credit scoring. A real person looks at your situation before recommending a product to meets your needs and offering approval.

Out-of-the-box credit solutions we have provided include:

  • Short term work history
  • Defaults under $1000 ignored
  • Unlimited debt consolidation
  • Business debts / creditors paid out
  • ATO Tax debts paid out
  • Discharged bankrupts
  • Up to 5 defaults paid or unpaid considered *
  • Up to 3 months mortgage arrears considered for refinance *
  • Residential or Commercial Loans available
  • Company and Trust borrowers acceptable
  • No break costs or early repayment fee’s (Excluding non-coded loans)

How much can I borrow?

Most banks do not offer loans for people with credit problems, but we do. As specialist lenders we are willing to work hard to see ‘the bigger picture’ in your circumstance. So even if you have substantial credit problems, with the right help from us you may be able to borrow up to 85% of the value of the property.

What differences are there between these loans and a normal loan?

You will generally need to pay out any credit impairments before the loan or as part of a settlement. And you may need to pay a slightly higher interest rate and risk fee.

Why should I chose Direct Credit?

With Direct Credit, there are no break costs or early repayment fees (Excluding fixed rates and non-coded loans) and you have access to online banking and our dedicated client service team. Feel free to give us a call today on 1800 000 800 (free call number) for a no obligation chat.

Steps to your Credit impaired loans


Am I eligible for a loan?

If you wish to refinance just about anything, which may include; high interest unsecured debts, credit cards in arrears, outstanding business creditors, ATO debts in to one simple payment, you may qualify for a home loan if you have sufficient equity in your home.

With past credit issues you may still qualify to purchase a home. Everyone’s situation is different. Direct Credit takes the time to assess your situation on an individual basis.

No Credit Scoring. No computers saying no. Real people assessing your individual situation. Full Doc and Low Doc Loans available: residential or commercial security required.


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