ATO have begun chasing payment on outstanding debts

October 1, 2021 Loans

ATO starts acting on its outstanding debts power. From 2019 to 2020 the ATOs collectable debt has grown by its…

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Direct Credit – Here to help during Covid-19

April 14, 2020 Loans

Direct Credit – Here to help. Its not business as usual, but we are still here to assist you providing…

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Confusing Home Loan Terms – What does it all mean?

January 22, 2020 Commercial

Australia is a nation of home owners. According to the latest ABS figures, two out of every three Australian households…

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Credit Scoring: How does it work

January 16, 2020 Commercial

When you’re looking to get a loan, lenders usually look at your credit score to see if they should loan…

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Non-bank commercial loans for refinance or purchases

April 17, 2018 Commercial

At Direct Credit we offer a range of Non-Bank commercial property loans up to $3,000,000 with terms up to 30…

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Self employed home loans – do they exist?

March 28, 2018 Commercial

Yes! Self employed home loans do exist. Direct Credit specialises in assisting applicants that don’t fit the banks’ traditional lending criteria….

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Did your bank say no?

March 21, 2018 Home Loans

Did your bank say no? Many people believe they are in a situation that no one can help them. Direct…

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Your ATO tax debt can NOW affect your credit rating

October 10, 2017 Home Loans

Up until now, ATO tax debt did not affect your credit rating with Veda or Dunn and Bradstreet. However, from…

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Mortgage Managers: What we do

September 22, 2017 Home Loans

A mortgage manager works a little differently. As defined by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia,  mortgage managers are mortgage…

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Need a non-bank home loan?

September 7, 2016 Home Loans

If you need a Need a non bank home loan, Direct Credit Home Loans Australia offers traditional home loans as…

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Don’t panic about ATO Debt. Refinance it!

October 23, 2015 Home Loans

If you are experiencing cash flow issues, or an unexpected ATO debt and need assistance, please contact us sooner rather…

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Low document home loans

Home Loans

It’s not always easy getting a home loan when you have just started a business, especially if you don’t have…

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Scams. Be Alert!

April 10, 2015 Home Loans

Remember the golden rule: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Media Watch Scams cost everyone…

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Vehicle & equipment leasing

April 9, 2015 Loans

Finance Lease – How does it work? Finance lease is an alternative way for clients to fund asset purchases required…

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