About us

We are non-bank lending specialists who've helped thousands of Aussies move forward since 1998.

As mortgage managers, not brokers, we provide tailored home loans direct to you. Because we control every aspect of your loan we can offer more flexible options to meet your exact needs. Most of all we are experienced problem solvers. One call and we can quickly find that solution you’re looking for.

The percentage of self-employed and independent contractors in the Australian workforce is growing fast. If you think your income is too erratic or variable to qualify for a mortgage? Think again. As specialists with decades of industry experience, we are trained to quickly see that ‘bigger picture’ and get your low doc loan solution in place pronto.

Customer service? How very un-corporation

Most home loans have a 20-year term or more, so as your mortgage manager we are focussed, from the start, on building a trusted and valued long-term relationship with you. We’ll be there to update your financial arrangements as your life changes: sending you periodic statements, arranging redraws, extra repayments or to simply answer your latest loan queries.

We can never be the cheapest rate on the market, but that’s not how you should be measuring value. More important is the ‘how’ and ‘why’ when you finance things in your business or family life. So Direct Credit Home Loans Australian is very much a service, not just a purveyor of finance products.

The secure funding alternative to bank finance

We are a real bricks and mortar business with offices you can visit here in the city of Brisbane. We currently have $142 Million in funds under management and we are credit licensed with ASIC (Australian Credit License Number 392727). Our funding is sourced from Advantedge Financial Services and Redzed Lending Solutions who are Australian owned and well respected, making them a safe partner in a competitive mortgage market. With funder’s like these behind us, you can be assured that your home loan with us will remain competitive and secure.

Direct Credit Management Team

  • Puawai – Head of Credit
  • Katie – Customer Care Manager
  • Chris Cooper – Head of Commercial & Business finance
  • Derek – National Sales Manager
1800 000 800 Australian Credit License Number 392727