ATO Tax Debt Refinance

Direct Credit are experts at helping small business operators, accountants and individuals solve challenging ATO tax debt situations.

Most banks will not approve loans to help you refinance your ATO tax debt. We can help you refinance your tax debt to put you back on the front foot, back in control. It’s important you contact us quickly so we can help you avoid possible credit rating defaults.

Tax Debt refinancing loans

Talk to Direct Credit about refinancing your home or commercial loan to; consolidate tax debt and business debts, provide cash flow or create funds to expand your business.

Here’s why Direct Credit are your ATO tax debt specialists

  • We don’t use Credit Scoring. Real people make the decisions about your loan so we say YES more often
  • We are not mortgage brokers. We are mortgage managers providing loans direct to consumers.
  • Fewer overheads mean lower interest rates and lower fees. – Interest rates from 4.49%
  • Our loans are not Mortgage Insured (We self-insure)
  • We offer Loan to Value Ratio’s (LVR) up to 80%
  • Alt doc option available with accountant’s declaration or last 2 ATO Lodged BAS statements. Click here for Alt Doc product information.
  • Full doc loan options available.
  • Residential or Commercial security required (Metro Locations)
  • We can help you refinance for any worthwhile personal or business use
  • Credit issues catered for. Click here for Credit Impaired product information
  • Local Non-Bank Lender – Speak directly with the decision makers.


Why you need to act fast

The Australian Tax Office now has the power to list you as a credit default for an overdue tax debt not under a suitable arrangement, with Veda & Dun and Bradstreet credit reporting agencies. Please contact our office, sooner rather than later, to avoid possible credit rating defaults.

Contact Us For Help – Consultation Is Free

It’s likely a few minutes of good advice over the phone will brighten your day. Call our office now on 1800 000 800 (Free call number) for fast advice on accessing the finance you need, or just complete our form below and one of our friendly team will give you a call. Simple!

Loans for Tax Debt

Can You Use a Home Loan for Tax Debt? Answering Your Questions

Did you know that you can refinance your home loan to payout tax debts that you may owe to the ATO? It’s true—but most if not all the traditional banks and lenders that you approach will fail to provide you with options for funding for such purposes. At Direct Credit Home Loans Australia, we believe you deserve access to the opportunity to put your finances back in order rather than struggling under a tax burden that can make moving forward far more difficult.

The Benefits of a Tax Debt Consolidation Loan

Consolidating your tax debt and transferring the financial obligation into monthly loan repayments has numerous benefits that make this option well worth your consideration. The advantages include the following.

  • Escape from being underwater on tax debt and give yourself the opportunity to start on fresh footing. With the weight of a large tax burden removed, you can focus on structured repayments within your financial means.
  • Avoid negative impacts on your credit history from outstanding tax debts. Outstanding taxes left unpaid for too long can now count as a “default,” and will result in a blemish on your credit report.
  • Start the process of planning for future tax obligations or re-focus your efforts on improving the business you operate. With less concern about taxes today, you can turn your attention to tomorrow instead and use smart financial planning to avoid a recurrence of this situation.

What Options Do We Provide for Tax Debt Loans?

So how can DCHLA assist you in this area? Our loans for paying off tax debts are versatile enough to meet a wide variety of needs. As your non-bank lender, we provide:

  • Loans which are not mortgage insured; in the case of tax loans, we self-insure to provide our clients with more straightforward access to the funds they require to return to stronger financial ground.
  • Full and alternate documentation options available based on your circumstances. For low doc loans, we require only your previous two Business Activity Statements or a Statement of Affordability from your certified accountant.
  • LVRs up to 85%, ensuring that you can tap into a loan that provides you with the appropriate level of funding to meet your backlogged tax burden through consolidation.

When the ATO and its demands for payment constantly hover in the back of your mind, DCHLA is here to help you clear your conscience. When you know that you have unpaid taxes due, take advantage of our services sooner rather than later.

Why Act Quickly to Seek Loans for Tax Debt?

After recent legislative changes, the ATO gained the ability to file notices of default with Australia’s credit rating agencies, including both Veda & Dunn and Bradstreet. Unpaid tax debts can now result in a default on your record, negatively impacting your credit rating and further restricting your options in traditional financial spaces.

To explore your options without delay, arrange for a conversation with our friendly team today.

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Steps to your ATO Tax Debt Refinance


Am I eligible for a loan?

If you are a PAYG earner or self-employed, have a tax debt and equity in existing property – you may qualify.


How much can I borrow?

See how much you can borrow using our simple borrowing power calculator, or call one of our friendly team to get a detailed borrowing capacity over the phone today.


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