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Home loans for people with a bad credit history

Mainstream banks are painfully inflexible in many areas – particularly when it comes to home loan applications from people with a bad credit history.

Sadly, if you’ve got a low credit score or you’ve had defaults, trying to get approved for a home loan with a mainstream bank is like trying to get blood from a stone.

But Direct Credit Home Loans is different. We don’t judge people based on rigid criteria. Instead, we take a flexible, individual look at each person’s history and current situation, because that’s the only fair way to decide if someone is creditworthy.

We’ve helped borrowers with substantial credit problems buy properties with just a 15% deposit. Not because we were reckless. But because we took the time to understand their individual situation, and realised they were creditworthy. Check out our range of loans here

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We can help you buy your own home, even if you’re credit-impaired.

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