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When interest rates rise, your borrowing capacity falls.

As you know, interest rates are increasing. But what you might not realise is that when interest rates rise, your borrowing capacity falls.

That’s because the more expensive it becomes to pay off a mortgage, the less money a mainstream bank is likely to give you.

Even worse, they’re less likely to give you a loan of any size.

In this sort of environment, it makes sense to go with a lender that has more flexible lending criteria.

Direct Credit Home Loans is known for saying yes when mainstream banks say no. Unlike mainstream banks, we assess applications based on their merits, rather than rigid rules.

In other words – we’ll bend over backwards to help.

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We can help you buy residential or commercial property, whether you’re a regular PAYG borrower, self-employed or credit-impaired. Call us on 1800 000 800 to discuss your scenario or email [email protected]