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How much do you need to save for your retirement?

How much do you need to save for your retirement?

Well, the answer may be lower than you are expecting, with new research from Super Consumers Australia finding a single person would need as little as $88,000 extra saved (on top of their income from the Age Pension) by the time they reach age 65. A couple could get by on $111,000 extra. But, naturally, there’s a big catch. Those figures assume the pre-retired person or couple own their own home – which, these days, can be a challenging ask … particularly when you’re self-employed.

It’s no secret mainstream banks are reluctant to approve home loans for self-employed borrowers. As such, they’ll typically make you jump through hoop after hoop, and put obstacles in your path, even if you are otherwise completely creditworthy.

At Direct Credit Home Loans, we believe being self-employed shouldn’t stop you from owning your home. So we’re incredibly flexible and assess applications based on their merits, rather than rigid rules. #homeloans #mortgages #realestate

We’ve helped many self-employed Australians buy property, and can help you too. Check out our range of loans 

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